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Welcome to [ToC] Taste of Chaos Gaming community for Battlefield games. Our primary goal is to have fun playing the Battlefield games we all love and provide a clean and well administered server for everyone to enjoy. We do not participate in competitions and ladder matches etc. Majority of us have full time jobs and families so we usually play during evenings/weekends.

We started out with Battlefield 2142 back in 2008 as a small clan. At one point we ended up running the most popular 2142 server that was ranked in top 3 consistently and sometimes ranked 1 too. Some of you might remember it... "Leetservers Camp G" - it always had a zero ping for everyone from everywhere ;-)

In Battlefield 3, we had a popular 24/7 Firestorm server that attracted all kinds of players.. from noobs to top heli/jet crews - all were welcomed. We currently run two Battlefield 4 servers. One is infantry focused for those of you who enjoy running and gunning without vehicle threats. The second is conquest large for those who like all out war with every kind of land, naval and air vehicles the game allows, including cruise missile strikes.

With the release of Battlefield 4, we have also decided to convert from a clan to an open gaming community where all are welcome, from noobs to pros and everything in between! Even members from other clans/communities are welcome to join us. We have expanded to include many popular games from EVE online to Diablo III and everything in between

There are simply no requirements or commitments and blah, blah, blah. If you want to put on our tags [ToC] to show support for our community, go right ahead - no need to ask anyone. No need to apply for membership applications or jump through hoops before you're granted membership. Heck, you don't even have to register here.

You decide if you want to play on our servers and/or if you want to register here and say hello. You decide how you want to support us and our servers either by making a small donation or by wearing our [ToC] tags, joining our platoon in Battlelog or by simply jumping on to our empty server and helping to fill it. It's just that simple!!!

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